Have you been binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix? I know I have and many of the people I know do too.

It’s not just Hollywood blockbuster movies or US TV series that’s keeping us glued to our seats, there are plenty of Asian dramas as well on Netflix. From Japanese to South Korean dramas, Hollywood to Bollywood – you name it, Netflix has it.

Video-on-demand as a concept has allowed us to binge-watch our favorite shows and movies. If we missed the latest episode or entire seasons of Game of Thrones or Walking Dead or want to relive the horror of the classic movie Omen – the American entertainment company, Netflix will stream it for you.

If you are among the millions tuned into Netflix and have started to wonder how this affects the youth of our globe, then read up.

netflixNetflix and Video On Demand

According to Netflix Media Center – ‘Netflix is the world’s leading internet television network… Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.’

The term ‘binge-watching’ has become a household term nowadays. But what is it?

The Dangers of Binge Watching

If you have a stable internet connection and subscribed to an online streaming website, watching one episode of CSI Los Angeles can turn into a season marathon.

Why stop with one episode when the reason you’re streaming online is to watch videos on demand?

Defined as watching three or more episodes of your favorite TV series continuously with little sleep and food, binge watching can be detrimental to anyone’s health. It turns you into a couch potato. You don’t get to exercise and move about. And the snack foods you consume are usually oily and excessively salty.

Geoffrey Graybeal, a professor in the College of Media and Communications, said 9 out of 10 students admitted to using Netflix regularly. That’s quite a number when you think about it.

Although binge-watching didn’t start with Netflix, they make it easy and accessible for everyone to do so in this modern age.consumer-goods-streaming-media-netflix-nflx-content_large

Common sense tells us binges can be detrimental to students’ study habits. The hours these students spend watching could have been hours spent on studying.

Students aren’t the only ones hooked on Netflix and binge-watching. Many of us are into it. We even broadcast it on social media.

Online Streaming and Netflix aren’t the Problems

I believe Mark Twain said it best – Too much of anything is bad.

Netflix itself isn’t a bad thing. But if using it becomes an addiction, obviously it becomes bad.

Temporarily disregarding our responsibilities and worries or escapism fueled by binge-watching is also not a bad idea. Too much of it is the problem. Foregoing food and sleep? Missing your classes? These are signs you’re going overboard with watching.

In the end, time management and control is the key. Let’s enjoy our guilty pleasures without compromising our health and studies.

Guidance is imperative in my opinion. Parents should be teaching their children time management in the first place and should be examples for kids to look up to.

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