Yes or No: Does Air Purifier Help With Allergies?

Air Conditioner Blowing Cold AirIn this article, expect that we will answer the question ‘Does Air Purifier Help With Allergies.’ We will also tell you how these air purifier devices help or not help people with allergies. Even luxury homes can be problematic about the high levels of contamination in the air. If you or your family members have allergies and you are thinking of getting an air purifier, read on. Let’s begin.

Air Purifiers May Work, Can’t Hurt

The thing is, allergens and spores are always present in the air we breathe outdoors. In the homes though, especially with mold growth, pets and other sources of particulates, the concentration is higher.
That is why, millions of dollars are spent by homeowners and the likes, especially by those with allergies on air purifiers. Air purifiers, air sanitizers, air cleaners are devices intended to clean the air in a specific area of your homes, workspaces, offices or schools, depending on where it is placed.

Kinds of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers that use filters

HEPA-3Also called air cleaners, these are devices that use filters to clean the air in the surrounding areas. HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters and ULPA or ultra low penetration air filters are the most commonly used in these air cleaners.
These filters can catch even microscopic spores and allergen that cause allergic reactions in both humans and animals. The filter, however, needs to be replaced often to make sure it cleans out the particulates floating in your homes.

Ozone Generators
Ozone generators are quite the controversial air cleaners. They work by forming an ozone that is dispersed in a room. This step is made up of several processes including oxidation reaction with organic materials such as foul smell and smoke and reaction to bacteria and viruses. These generators are marketed as air purifiers or cleaners, but many claims that they do more harm than food.

According to California Environmental Protection Agency, Air Resources Board (ARB) consumers have to be choosy when it comes to air-cleaning devices. Not all are appropriate for home use because some ozone generators can be harmful to human health. The ARB stated that “Ozone is a gas that can cause health problems, including respiratory tract irritation and breathing difficulty.The ARB released the following:
List of Potentially Hazardous Ozone Generators Sold as Air Purifiers
Fact Sheet: Beware of Ozone-Generating Indoor “Air Purifiers”

Ionizing Purifiers
According to, Ionizing Purifiers works using a method called corona discharge. This process creates charged molecules called ions. Atoms in the air have a neutral charge and they have the same number of negatively-charged electrons as positively-charged protons. The purifiers through corona discharge created a small but intense electrical field. “Molecules passing through it will pick up an additional electron, giving the molecule a negative charge, or it may have an electron knocked off of it, giving it a positive charge. Larger particles in the air, such as dust or other contaminants, are more likely to be ionized because they make larger targets for the electrons as they pass through the corona discharge.”
The process is quite scientific to explain. continues to explain that once the particle is charged, it will become attracted to opposite charges – negative and positive charge.) The ionizers then draws particles in the air and clean it out.

41gRjFV22AL._SX300_QL70_There are other kinds of air purifiers and they are:
Portable air purifiers
Whole house air cleaners
Active Carbon Filters
Electrostatic Precipitators
Charged Media Filters
Antibacterial and Germicidal Filters
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Almost all the purifiers and cleaners have a fan in the back the lets out the recycled clean air.

Back to the Question: Does Air Purifier Help With Allergies?

Skeptics say, there are items, gadgets or devices like air purifiers that may or may not work for you, but it won’t harm to try. However, we have discussed the science behind purifying the air breathe, giving you enough information. You can choose for yourself and tell if air purifiers work at all.
Many may have purchased, choosing among a wide variety of brands and products and yet, many are still skeptical that the device works.
Click here to watch a video about how air purifiers don’t work.
To further help you out, let us list a couple of myths about the air purifier that obviously isn’t true.

You won’t have to clean your house for dust because you have an air purifier. This is so not true. You cannot expect the air cleaner clean your house of dust. It will not lift the dust off surfaces like a vacuum cleaner. Your luxury home stuff covered in dust that is best to clean with a moist rag or duster, not an air purifier.
Your entire home will no longer have all kinds of bad odor when you have an air purifier. Again, so not true. You are still supposed to empty the kitty litter box. Air purifiers with carbon in them can remove bad smells like carbon does. But good cleaning habits is still the solution to foul odor. HEPA filters don’t remove odors.
Air purifiers rid mites. Nope, it doesn’t. Air purifiers can catch the dust mite fragments but not rid your house entirely of it. You need anti-mite products to get rid of mites of course.

In A Nutshell
The science behind air purifiers make a lot of sense, but it won’t magically solve all your problems. Personally, I think the HEPA filters work the best when it comes to cleaning the air of particulates including allergens. I love how outspoken is with regards to air purifiers because they know air purifiers work. And the fact that these products go through a variety of tests make it impossible for them to be useless. So if you have allergies, like to pollen, spores and other particulates – it is highly probable that air purifiers help, but they are only part of the solution.

Having read how it is supposed to work, don’t forget to tell us if you think air purifiers work or don’t.

I think, the question ‘does air purifier help with allergies’ can be answered for certain if you try it out. Consider this, there is such as a thing as ‘satisfaction guarantee’ for most brands of air purifiers. For a certain period upon purchase, you can return the air purifier if you think it doesn’t work as long as it passes their conditions and you can get your money back. So why not try it?