Parents have a tough job raising kids. It’s a daily struggle to provide children with everything they need and only the best will do. Having twins is a wonderful blessing, double the bundle of love, but also double the challenge. If you’re looking for twin strollers, then read on dear parents.

We would like to help parents out there in our own little way by reviewing stroller products for multiple children. This article intends to narrow down the options for buyers and help with the final decision. Let’s get to the point. We’ve purchased several strollers marketed as the ‘best’ or the ‘top’ strollers sold online and at local shops, to review. Then, we came up with our list of top strollers perfect for twins or for closely-aged toddlers. We intend to help parents out by sharing what we have learned with regards to features, appearance, function and the works.

What are Twin Strollers

Children, of course, are precious cargo. In buying twin baby strollers, you have to choose one that will keep your children safe and comfortable. You should also choose one that fits your budget without sacrificing quality. Strollers, single or double, are sold at $100 up to over $1000. Strollers are also perfect and popular at that, as a baby gift or a shower present.

A good stroller is very useful in raising babies and toddlers. It helps parents introduce children to what’s outside of the walls in your homes. Parents should not spend a fortune on twin strollers. There are plenty of brands that consider safety, comfort, styling and quality more than how much they intend to price it. Multi-child households will find that having double seat strollers more convenient and cost saving. Being able to strap two energetic toddlers to a stroller, one hand on the handle, with one hand occasionally checking your mobile for messages while strolling to the park is a dream to some parents with extra lively kids. Double-seat strollers are called twin strollers, but they are not just for twins. They are perfect for two babies or toddlers whose weight and size are not too far apart.

Try searching online for double strollers and you’ll be amazed at how many products are available at the tip of your hand. You will see a wide variety of double-seat strollers made up of different materials, design, brands, prices and other factors. It will make your head spin. Let us help you by first, making a choice on what kind of stroller is best for you and your two kids.

Baby Strollers for Twins

There are two basic types of twin baby strollers based on the seat arrangement. There is the side-by-side where the seats are positioned next to one another and inline where the seats are arranged one in front of the other.

Which one, you say is better? Let’s discuss further.

The inline or tandem double stroller has seats placed on behind the other. The back seat is slightly higher than the front. These are narrow, but longer strollers.

Inline or Tandem Stroller Advantages:

–  Inline double strollers will fit most doorways.

–  They are easy to maneuver especially in tight spaces.

–  Most tandem strollers accommodate infants car seats or baby seats.

–  Some inline strollers have adjustable seats that can be positioned facing towards each other. This option will help you keep your children engaged and playing together while in transport.


–  Only the backseat has enough space to recline fully.

–  Heavier than the side by side type.

–  The child seated in the back has a limited view.

–  The child in the front seat is far from view. It means you have to stop and move the front if you need to check on the child seated in front.

–  Only the front seat has a leg rest.

The front and back design of this stroller are perfect for families who have tight spaces to go through on their way out. However, since the seats do not offer the same features, the twins may end up arguing who sits in the front or in the back.

Which brings us to the other kind of stroller, the side by side. This kind of stroller for twins have seats positioned one beside the other and not behind.

Side By Side Twin Stroller Advantages:

–  Both children has the same view to enjoy.

–  This stroller is more stable. It won’t keel over or fall to the side.

–  It is less bulky and heavy than the inline type.Disadvantages


–  Since it is wider, it will not fit most doorways.

–  Harder to push around tight spaces.

–  Does not have infant car seats.

Key Features to look for when buying twin strollersbob stroller.jpg

Here are some features you need to keep in mind, aside from price, sturdiness, quality of materials and overall design.

–  Sun shades are an important feature to consider especially in twin baby strollers. New models come with UV protection which is best during extra sunny walks.

–  Storage Space comes in handy because you bring stuff along when you take your babies outside. You’ve got baby bottles, hand towels, a change of clothes for them, your purse or bag, snacks, and toys to name a few. Enough storage space is necessary and important in choosing which stroller to buy.

– Another key feature for double strollers for twins is the adjustable feature of the handlebars. Moms and dads are not always the same height. Some women love tall men and some opt for shorter guys. Then, there’s the fact that you hire babysitters or have friends and relatives take your children out to play. Not everyone will be of the same height. The height difference can be remedied by adjustable handlebars. It answers the often overlooked issue of the height of the person pushing the stroller.

 Check out this video.

Choosing a single or twin baby stroller based on age

At 0-6 months

If you are interested in buying strollers for infants 0 to 6 months, the first thing you look for is stability. Look for sturdily built strollers with great suspension system or that will absorb shock, bounces and jostling.

Newborn babies are supposed to lie on their backs. You have to choose strollers with fully reclining seats. Most mothers go for inexpensive stroller frames at this stage of infancy or opt for travel systems that accommodate infant car seats. Later on, when the baby can sit up, they’ll buy new pricier strollers.

Allow us to make a suggestion. If you are not on the road much and you have newborns, choose a stroller that accommodates a bassinet attachment instead. And presto! You have a portable crib that is inexpensive and simple.

6-12 months

Babies at this stage can already sit up. The kind of stroller seat you chose is important more than ever. Seats with lots of cushion or padding, different reclining positions and adjustable to accommodate your growing babies. Of course, it has to be steady and safe while you bond with your children.

Depending on your lifestyle as a parent, you can choose from a variety of strollers that can compliment your activities as well. That is when the baby has developed a good head and neck. There are strollers that will allow you to jog while you’re taking your babies out for a stroll. If you’re often in the car, choose a foldable stroller that will easily fit your trunk.

18 – 24 Months

At this stage, your baby will be more active, independent and playful. They will enjoy going out more often to explore their surroundings. They’re going to be in and often out of the stroller straps and you’ll be left to carry it with you as you supervise. A lightweight stroller that can be folded with one hand is perfect.

Your children will be moving around a lot and difficult to keep still. Choose a five-point harness if possible to keep secure. Check for pinch points as well to keep them safe from accidental and painful instances.

The ride-on-board feature is perfect to exercise their little legs and divert their energy to.

twinGroove_ul-cta-9.jpgTop Twin Baby Strollers

In no particular order, we present our top double strollers for twins:

– Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller (Blueberry) $179.99

The Scooter X2 by Joovy is made of a stylish graphite gray frame that looks amazing and will surely be the envy of parents who see it comfortably cruising your twins around your community. ThenX2 has larger 7-inch front wheels and 9.5-inch rear wheels that make it incredibly to maneuver.

This side by side twin stroller is lightweight and has a narrow design that will allow you to fit more doorways than other strollers of its kind. Only 30 inches wide, you won’t need to fold it to go through the door and strap your kids in it outside.

The stroller can carry a total of 90 pounds and has a five-point harness to keep your precious cargo secure. It won’t keel over thanks to the double front wheels that make the stroller stable despite the weight capacity. The removable bumper bar allows the toddlers to get off the stroller on their own.

The canopy and basket are the biggest in any twin stroller. You will appreciate that it has a lot of storage options for both the parent and the children. The mesh pockets it has on both sides of the stroller allow the kids to stuff their toys or snacks and easily reach them whenever they want to.

Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller, Glacier 2015 $219.99

This inline twin baby stroller has 2 riding options, for two bundles of happiness, from infant to youth.

Features include:

– It has a removable Face Time rear seat that lets you interact more with your baby.

-It accommodates two Graco® SnugRide® Click Connect Infant Car Seats.

– It is a one-hand foldable stroller with a large storage basket and snack trays.

– Its front swivel wheels make it easy to maneuver.

– Materials include 80% polyester and 20% cotton construction;

– Has a removable child’s tray that holds 2 cups/ bottles and snacks;

– Has adult’s tray with a pivoting cup holder;

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger, Centennial $179.99

This side by side double stroller for twins will allow parents to jog while strolling. Its 50-pound capacity allows twins or close siblings to get along and bond. Lightweight, safe and comfortable, this Baby Trend uses all-terrain pneumatic rubber bicycle tires that will allow you to take two kids running errands around town or running along a trail.

The jogging double stroller features rear brakes that are foot activated and completely hands-free.

– Baby Jogger 2015 City Select with 2nd Seat, Onyx $699.94 and Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with 2nd Seat Onyx $690.94

The Baby Jogger City Select Second Seat Stroller makes it easy for parents to move around even with two kids. The tandem stroller includes a front facing, parent facing or sibling facing, set of two seats.The Baby Jogger is designed to be small for easy maneuver.

Despite the name, this inline stroller is not a jogging stroller. Instead, it has these wonderful features: made from high quality imported 100% polyester and sold with the Second Seat Kit included. The double seats hold up to a total of 90 pounds, has multiple recline options no matter what direction the seats are facing and folds in only one quick step.

City Select Double lets you mix and match seats, bassinets and car seats to suit your liking. There are over 16 different combinations to choose from, although they are sold separately.

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller, Black $639.99

A twin stroller for off-road jogging, parents who are outdoor enthusiasts will fall in love with this duallie stroller. The Revolution FLEX DUALLIE has front wheel swivels for easy maneuver anywhere in the city that also locks for added stability when on rough terrain. It has adjustable handlebars with 9 positions with an incredibly suave suspension system that is state of the art.

The FLEX Duallie twin baby stroller has enough storage space, one-hand reclining seats, and quick fold feature. The stroller can also accommodate infant car seats that will allow parents to continue their adventures even with two kids in tow. This off-road Duallie is one of the best-selling jogging strollers presently.

Baby Jogger 2014 City Mini GT Double Stroller, Crimson/Gray $521.99

Another multi-terrain stroller, the City Mini GT double has all the deluxe standard features in a small package with an amazing suspension system. Babies won’t wake up when going through bumps and rough roads.

This urban side by side stroller features patented quick fold technology with removable auto lock, accessory mounting bracket, a flip-flop friendly hand-operated parking brake and an adjustable handlebar.

You will love their 8.5″ quick release forever air wheels with sealed ball bearings for steady cruising in the urban jungles of your community. It also has dual lockable swivel front wheels, perfect for long distance strolling.

The Mini GT has retractable weather covers to and individually adjustable sun canopies. It has a big under basket despite the small-looking structure, that can fit your snacks, bottled water, babies accessories and your valuables as well.

In A Nutshell

Parenting may have immeasurable challenges and you won’t know if you’ve done a good job until your kids are all grown up. Balancing work and taking care of the kids can be quite a challenge and you need all the help you can get. graco baby.jpg

That’s why we’ve decided to try out several double strollers for twins for parents who have multi-children with close ages, These twin strollers we mentioned above had almost similar features but were chosen because of their quality performance for the daily grind. We especially chose twin baby strollers with the best suspension system and added features that are safe and yet comfortable.

We hope this article serves as a guide for you to make the right choice. Happy hunting!