Have you recently bought a laser golf rangefinder and found it way too difficult to use? You must have heard that it works wonders for golfers and thought you should get one as well so in the next tournament you join, you won’t be left behind. But as soon as you open the box, you see a more complicated device than expected. We have written this guide especially for you.


What is a laser rangefinder for golfers?

Laser rangefinders work by using a laser beams. Beams shoot out of the device, you point it towards a specific area and viola, you get the exact distance in between these two points – where you stand while pointing it and the target area. Despite their complicated appearance, laser golf rangefinders are easier to use than the GPS rangefinders.


For both amateur and pro golfers, this distance measurement device or DMD is helpful in measuring the distance from the ball to the hole or target. Golfers will find this device helpful in improving their stats and help them win tournaments. You won’t need a caddie to use the device for you. The golfer can easily get the distance between the flag stick and where they are standing on their own as long as they know how to operate it.


Improve your golf stats with the laser rangefinder

Bet you’ve heard some golfers claim that this device requires steady hands to function properly. Actually, to get accurate results, a clear line of sight is needed. Laser rangefinders can measure the distance of object precisely that is why it is also used in hunting and other activities.

In order to help you become the star golf player among your peers or even internationally, take your skills in playing golf to professional levels, then read on.

Here is the last guide to using golf laser rangefinders that you’ll ever need:

  1. First thing to starts in buying the right rangefinder. Choose a device especially designed for golfing use. As previously mentioned, laser rangefinders are so useful they are used on other sports and activities. A hunting rangefinder will make it difficult for you to measure the distance in a golfing range. So start off by buying the right kind.
  2. When you use a newly bought item for the first time, it is best to read the instructions before trying it out. Read the instructions manual. They are included in the package for a reason – so that you can use it properly and enjoy all its advantages.
  3. Now if for some reason, the manual is too technical and difficult to understand and you’re feeling like a tech-dummy, we suggest checking out “how-to” or tutorial videos online. You have to search for and choose videos by the manufacturer of your device and be even more specific about the exact laser golf rangefinder that you have. Watching a tutorial video featuring the exact same unit will make it so much easier to understand how to use your newly purchased golf rangefinder.


  4. Still feeling unsure about operating the device? It’s not cheap of course, so you don’t want to break it. Another suggestion is to go online and visit the manufacturer’s website. This is probably the best option for you, before and after trying out your golf rangefinder and still encounter difficulty. All companies provide a ‘contact support’ or ‘get in touch with us’ option in their website and if you’re lucky you can chat live with a support personnel without having to wait in queue for too long. Reach out to the manufacturer’s customer care or tech support to understand how you are supposed to use your golfing device. Ask away!
  5. Time to test it out! Turn on the measuring device and inspect the display screen. Try pointing your device on the ground then press the ranging buttons to shoot the laser beam on the ground. Check out the results and take note. Next, point to an area 20 yards away. Check the results and take note. The display on the laser rangefinder will contain different information regarding the distance. Make sure you know and understand everything the screen displays. There are terms like pinseeker mode, pin hunter mode, first target priority mode and so on. If you followed the previous steps of this guide, you will become familiar with these modes. Golfers should understand these terminologies, especially if they help improve your skills.

In a Nutshell

Laser golf rangefinders cost anything from $250 to $1000. When you buy something, you expect it to work properly and serve its purpose. However, if you are not using it properly, then you will not get the best results. But compared to a golf caddie, buying a laser golf rangefinder is a one-time payment, compared to the monthly fees of membership for a caddie. We hope our tips in using laser golf rangefinder will help you out